Hvordan bliver vores chokolade lavet?

AT CHOKODESIGN. DK we use only the best raw material, the chocolate we make all our chocolate from comes from the well-known Callebaut in Belgium. Callebaut chocolate is one of the world's very best chocolate producers, which cares both about quality and sustainability, so both taste and good conscience are in tune. Callebaut has been around since 1911 and is thus one of the world's oldest and most well-cleaned chocolate manufacturers. So we can guarantee you customers the best quality and taste. Well-come

Here you can see how our beautiful chocolates come into being.

Everything is handmade and unique. So no two pieces are the same.

Once the chocolate has melted and reached just the right temperature, we fill the moulds.

The moulds are made of a very special material that is food approved. Once the moulds have been in place for long enough for the chocolate to solidify, we take the chocolate out of shape.

The chocolate is now getting ready to be processed to get a little patina. But first, of course, all casting edges must be removed.

To achieve just the right patina effect on our chocolates, we brush the chocolates with a very special sugar powder. Thus, the chocolate will get just the right look.

Now the chocolate is all ready for the final finish.
If we want to give the chocolate a rusty look, we use the best kako powder from Callebaut. This cocoa powder has just the right color, so the chocolate will appear as a piece of old rusty tool.

We can also achieve a finish as an older piece of worn tool in realistic look. Here we apply our unique sugar powder. This powder requires just the right swid and pressure from the brush to get just the right look on the chocolate.

Størrelsen på vores chokolade er 1:1 på alt vores værktøj. Chokoladen er massiv.